History of Sibsey Trader Windmill

The first mill on the site, a post mill, was replaced in 1877 by the present six sailed tower mill. The tower mill was built by Saundersons of Louth, a firm of millwrights notable for their fine six sailed mills.

After the First World War, the mill was taken over by Tommy Ward, who ran the mill until his death in 1953. For most of his tenure at the mill, Tommy concentrated on producing animal feed as there was no profit in producing flour. An attempt to keep the business going failed two years later and the mill ceased to work. By then it had only four sails.

In the 1960’s it was earmarked by the then Ministry of Works as one of twelve windmills of national importance. In the early seventies, it and two other mills on the list were taken into the care of the Department of the Environment (successor to the Ministry of Works) and later that decade the restoration began.

The mill features in the CBeebies series Baby Jake where location filming for the series took place in the late summer of 2010.