Welcome to Sibsey Trader Windmill


Yesterday (12th. Sept) a further meeting was held at the windmill. The new English Heritage Regional Director, Senior Estates Manager and Publicity Officer came to view the mill in order to further investigate the scope of the works required and to formulate the best strategy for progressing the restoration/conservation project.

This was a productive exercise and, speaking for English Heritage, they reiterated their commitment and determination to ensure that Sibsey Trader Windmill will be restored to full working condition. Also, of equal importance, a viable maintenance scheme will be put in place to ensure that the mill is cared for in the long term so that it will be preserved for future generations.

A lot of unseen preparations are being made. Listed building consent, surveys, in depth examination of the brick work, best methods for painting/tarring etc. The next stage will be the drawing up of a full specification for works required. Professional experience and advice will be drawn on in order to deliver this complicated but vital part of the project. Once the specification has been agreed and passed, the style of tender will be decided and once approved can be advertised. This stage will take time, but it is vital to get it right in order to ensure that everything is fully covered.

Obviously this is very good news and the ‘New dawn for Sibsey Trader Windmill’ is finally on the horizon!

Again we thank our visitors and customers for their kind support during this prolonged and difficult time.

Following the meeting, Simon Spark from BBC Look North interviewed the representatives of English Heritage and filmed the mill for broadcast in the near future.

On Wednesday 8th August we had an on site meeting with representatives of various departments of English Heritage regarding the repairs to the mill and the future maintenance strategy. This was only the beginning of the process. There will be further meetings and discussions with a view to produce plan for the future of Sibsey Trader Windmill.

We are still open, we are still producing our full range of products using wind power and millstones at another windmill further north. We realise that it is disappointing for visitors and customers to see the windmill looking forlorn and without sails or fantail-but our only option is to try to keep everything going and remain optimistic that one day the mill will turn again.

Thank you to all our loyal customers and to our visitors. The tower is still open and visitors may see the machinery. We realise that this is not the same as seeing the windmill working and producing flour. No body can feel as sad and sorry as we do that the mill is out of action, but all we can do is apologise and ask our visitors and customers to support us so that we can survive until the mill comes back to life. Obviously, managing to keep the site open is our greatest concern at the current time. All of us at the mill are desperately keen to see this amazing iconic example of Victorian engineering back to its’ former glory. It is a national treasure as well as the much loved symbol of Sibsey village.

We are calling the repair project a ‘New Dawn for Sibsey Trader Windmill’. This was inspired by an atmospheric early morning photo taken some years ago.

Updates will be added as more information becomes available. Thank you.

Sibsey Windmill was built in 1877 to replace an earlier post mill. In its day it was the ‘Rolls Royce’ of windmills, and one of the very last to be built in Lincolnshire. It has been described as “one of the finest mills in the country, with its slender tower and elaborate wrought iron balcony.”

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